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Getting to know Illumine's Founder

Christy Foldenauer, Founder

Christy Foldenauer is a charismatic and creative leader, innovative thinker and effective coach with two decades of experience. She's known for:

  • public speaking and her capacity to move a room

  • leadership and strategy coaching 

  • engaging facilitation 

  • proven leadership of both adaptive and technical change

  • mentoring next-generation leaders

She's experienced in:

  • individual personality-based coaching

  • team development and optimization

  • helping teams mine for potential and achieve better results

  • finding individuals with high potential and growing capability in leaders

Christy takes difficult concepts and makes them simple to understand. She's particularly adept at building culture and managing polarization on teams - two skills that are fundamental in today's business climate.


Her most recent thought leadership delves into the ways in which the inner life of any individual (leader or teammate) impacts the outer work of the team and organization. She calls the model Movemental Impact. Learn more here

Image by Hannah Busing
"Your session was just what I needed. Thank you for such a meaningful retreat."

Retreat Participant

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